Winter Camp Creation Form


Please help The Outdoors People tailor your camp to your needs.

Every school is unique and we want our camp to meet your school's needs. You can use the form below to tell us all about your perfect camp or you can get in touch if you want to have a conversation about your thoughts.

On a 23 hour Winter Camp, we offer four activities. This gives your students a more complete learning experience and time to get the most out of our activities. 

What four Activities do THe OUTDOORS PEOPLE bring?

Our Winter Camp programmes are made up of two of our core bushcraft activities, Bug Buns and Blazes! and Water Purification, delivered in large tents heated by wood fired stoves.

We also bring our popular Pendants and Pump-Drills session which is delivered in one of your classrooms or a similar indoors space.

And then schools choose from one of the following options for their fourth activity:

Life Skills and Team Building - Requires SOLE USE OF a school hall or other large indoors space

Survival Bracelets - £1.50 per person 

To find out more about all of activities, please click here.

To view a sample Winter Camp programme please click here or, to download it, please click here.