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Gender identity and sexuality awareness training for adventure education


This course was developed in response to the rapid rise in young people openly identifying as trans and was co-created with Emma Simpson of Simpson Training. Emma is a respected trans-rights activist and coach and is our lead-facilitator for this training course.

This course will prepare you for working with, supporting and, keeping safe the diverse range of people we meet in adventure education. It has been specially designed to meet the complex and overlapping needs of the Adventure Education Sector. Delivered by an experienced Adventure Education Instructor and a professional Transgender Trainer and Consultant.

"Loved it; I'm excited knowing that the knowledge from this workshop can help make me a better human being, not just a better outdoors practitioner. Thank you!"

Areas covered

  • Our legal obligations as coaches and leaders under the Equality Act 2010
  • The safety of training, climbing, and deep water immersion while using chest binders (a common practice for trans-masculine and some gender-non-binary individuals)
  • Recommendations made by governmental select committees, including the Women and Equalities Committee’s Transgender Equality Inquiry
  • How hormone replacement therapy (HRT) affects training and coaching for outdoor activities and sport
  • Terminology used to describe gender and sexuality
  • Advice on gender segregation in sport
  • Gender and sexuality and how they relate to accommodation, tents, and changing facilities
  • Many other topics.

Recognised For CPD points by

The Association of Mountaineering Instructors

The Mountain Training Association

The British Canoe Union


Train Your Team

This course is suitable to be brought to any adventure education company and can be tailored to suit your organisations needs. If you would like more information then please contact us.

Would you like a version of this course that isn't aimed at adventure education? Simpson Training works with corporations, charities, local government and schools and can offer you a bespoke course. Please contact Emma Simpson for more information.



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Photo Credit: Paxson Wielder goo.gl/epaATS under a Creative Commons licence.

Photo Credit: Paxson Wielder goo.gl/epaATS under a Creative Commons licence.