We bring the very best school camps to you

Getting your school camp just right can be hard, but we can make it easy. By running a high-quality school camp within the grounds of your school, laying on the most engaging activities and providing outstanding instructors we can give you and your students the adventure experience of a lifetime. 

School camps run by The Outdoors People are perfect for primary schools. Our activities are pitched according to the age of the children and we structure our camp programmes with built in flexibility so that the students and the school staff have time to enjoy the camping experience.



We're pledged to providing Brilliant Residentials.

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Why do schools choose our camps?

“The school’s ‘WOW’ moments are one example of the school’s commitment to providing pupils with inspirational and awe-inspiring events, such as a whole year group camping on the school field.”
- "Outstanding" OFSTED report
"This is a truly fantastic opportunity for everyone involved, the ethos of the camp really supported our school values of belonging, resilience, assurance, independence and no-limits! I saw so many of these being demonstrated by children and staff alike! A great reminder of why I chose to be a teacher in the first place!"
- Camp Feedback
Kin Ball!

Kin Ball!

Action packed!

Eat bugs, start fires, put up your own tents, make hot chocolate from mud, sing at the campfire, eat marshmallows, outrun the kin-ball... Survive and more!

We provide a full 24-hour camping experiences for primary schools. While we're careful to build some space into our programme so that the children have time to absorb and appreciate the experience, the rest of the day is filled with a wide range of engaging, exciting and educational activities with defined learning outcomes.


Crash and Carry

Crash and Carry

Defined Educational Outcomes

We specifically developed our programmes and activities to allow young people to learn and grow and we provide resources to allow schools to link what they learned back into their curriculum studies.

Each of our activities comes with specific key learning outcomes and uses a structured learning and reviewing approach.

Children will learn about history, social awareness, the environment, sociology, geography, nutrition and physical education.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Develop Key Life Skills

Our programmes are tailored to focus on life skills such as communication, listening, self-esteem, co-operation and leadership. 

Most importantly our instructors are passionate about inspiring a love of life-long-learning in your students.



Outstanding Safety

We only use trained and experienced instructors and our superb team have delivered the very best adventure education all around the globe.

We make all of our risk assessments freely available to schools on our website and we undertake a detailed annual review of all our policies alongside ongoing risk assessment.

Finally, because our programmes happen within school grounds the children and your staff team are always within an environment that they know well and are never far from home.

Survival Bracelets

Survival Bracelets

Tailor made and inclusive

When schools book a camp with us they are given the opportunity to tell us all about their ideal camp. We build our programme around your school day and adapt our activities to your desired learning outcomes.

Our programmes are built to be flexible and we'll always work to accommodate both your needs and your student's requirements. Want a whole new activity with defined learning outcomes just for your school? Just ask!

By having adaptable programmes and activities and working within school we're able to create camps that allow everyone to take part.

Bug-Buns and Blazes!

Bug-Buns and Blazes!

Exceptional Value and Exceptionally easy!

Because we come to you, most of the costs and hard work associated with a school residential are immediately minimised.

Our school camp programmes cost much less than a residential experience and there's no need to arrange transport.

The demands on the free time of staff and volunteers are massively reduced and parents have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are just around the corner.


Sample programme

Click here to view a sample programme or click here to download it.

Most schools choose a 3 pm to 3 pm camp like this one but we also offer 9 am to 9 am camps as well as shorter or longer camps. You can tell us which activities you would like when completing your Camp Creation Form and of course every school has different timings for breaks and lunch.


What THe outdoors people provide

  • Our stunning canvas bell tents for the whole camp
  • All the activities and equipment
  • Highly trained instructors at a ratio of 1:15
  • All the sleeping mats (and airbeds for the teachers!)
  • For the ultimate camping experience we can also bring Adventure Ration Packs for the evening meal that the students prepare themselves

What your school provides

  • Excited children that are ready to learn and have fun!
  • Happy teachers that are ready to support their students (bug eating optional!)
  • Unless you ask us to bring Adventure Ration Packs, your school is in charge of food (preferably not bugs!) for the camp, for your teachers and for our staff team.
  • Children bring their own sleeping bags
  • Perfect weather!
  • 24hr access to toilets & wash facilities