School Camp Prices

Our camps are amongst the very best adventure experiences and we work hard to keep our price low.

We are significantly cheaper than comparable residential trips and you even save on transport costs and staff time.


  • Our high-quality canvas bell-tents for everyone
  • A full camp of our stand-out activities
  • Our highly experienced instructors (ratio of 1:15)
  • All the sleeping mats
  • All the fun!

You provide

  • Kids with a sense of adventure!
  • A grass field
  • Meals
  • 24hr access to toilets/washrooms
  • Children bring their own sleeping bags

Learning Away

Learning Away


Learning Away have some top tips on how to help fund Brilliant Residential's, allowing schools to do more and include everyone. In particular, asking parents to anonymously sponsor an extra place on your schools' camp is a model that works really well for our low cost but outstanding experiences.



off peak

24 hour camp

1 day, 1 night.
£42 per-person£40 per-person

add on day

Add a day to your overnight camping experience.
£15 per-person£15 per-person

School-day camp

A school day packed with educational and exciting activites.
Not Available£25 per-person

Long-day camp

A day of activities plus a campfire experience to round it off.
Not Available£28 per-person

Peak Times

Thursdays and Fridays in June to September


Add on item


Campfire hot chocolate

Hot chocolate brewed over the campfire before bed.
30p per-person

Night Watch

An experienced night watch person who remains awake all night to supervise the camp.

Out of area charge

Gloucester, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and further south; Scotland and Wales.
£5-£10 per-person

Camp food

Students choose and prepare their own camp food using hot water from our wood-burning stoves.
£6 per-person

Survival Bracelets

Students learn to weave a versatile survival bracelet to take home!
£1.50 per-person


Provided by a company of qualified archery instructors.
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