What Does A Camp Involve?

The foundations of all our 24 hour camps are our outstanding Camp Activities that travel with us to every school. Schools then choose a bespoke selection of our educational, day time Group Activities for their students.

To view a sample programme, click here.

To view a document that outlines how all of our Camp and Group activities tie into the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum, click here.

“Yet another amazing experience!  The team that came to our school are truly inclusive for all children. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

-Camp Feedback

Camp Activities

The opening ceremony includes raising the decorated camp flag!

The opening ceremony includes raising the decorated camp flag!

Every school receives a blank flag around two months before their camp. The children decorate their flag ready to raise high above their camp during the opening ceremony. Many schools go on to make their flag part of a wall display.

The children pitch their own tents!

The children pitch their own tents!

The most important task of the camp is putting up the tents! Our tents are huge and it takes real teamwork and cooperation for the children to build their temporary homes. Once the tents are up, the children get some time to move their belongings in and get comfortable in this new environment.

The mighty Kin Ball!

The mighty Kin Ball!

The evening is time to burn off some energy! Every school battles with the mighty Kin Ball in our giant run-around games!

Songs, stories and marshmallows!

Songs, stories and marshmallows!

A critical element on any camp is the campfire! Marshmallows roasted on our Mega-Marshmallow-Maker, the loudest songs we can sing, and, finally, interactive stories by flickering firelight before bed!


At the end of the camp, the children pack away their own tents, launch water rockets to summon a rescue from their survival experience, and round out their camp by reviewing their amazing adventure before lowering their camp flag.

Bespoke Group Activities

Before your camp, we work with you to design a bespoke programme of four educational, daytime, Group Activities themed around bushcraft, survival, and teamwork. These four Group Activities pair with our Camp Activities to build your 24 hour camp. Our most popular activity options are below but we can create many more to meet your requirements. All of our activities are delivered by our highly trained and experienced staff.

On a longer camp, the number of activities goes up. To view a sample programme for a 24 hour camp, click here.

"The children thoroughly enjoyed their activities and were engaged throughout the day without exception"

-Camp Feedback

Bush-tucker challenge!
Fire lighting

bug-buns and blazes!

One of our core bushcraft activities. Highly popular with teachers, children, and the camera person!

  • Firelighting: using a sparking fire-steel, everyone will set cotton-wool ablaze!

  • Bush-tucker challenge!

  • Learning to make pancakes over the open fire (bug seasoning optional!)

Key Learning outcomes

  • Overcoming fears during the bush-tucker challenge

  • Confidence, excitement and perseverance, brought about by fire lighting

  • Self-sufficiency and life-skills by working together to follow our easy-to-learn giant pancake recipe and then do the washing up!

  • Understanding fire

  • Understanding other cultures

Team building

life skills and team building

Designed to use mobile and engaging activities to foster co-operation, communication and initiative. Our unique and stand-out life skills challenges will stretch and develop every team.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How to break communication down into its components

  • The effect of an individuals approach on the rest of the team

  • Kolb's learning cycle of Plan-Do-Review

  • The importance of line-of-sight in good communication

Water purification

water purification

A core bushcraft activity. Work in pairs to build a purifying filter able to take on the muddiest water The Outdoors People can make! Get it right and you'll get to make some of the tastiest hot chocolate you'll ever drink.

Key learning outcomes

  • Understanding the three things that can make water unsafe and how to remove them

  • Confidence to take on seemingly impossible challenges

  • What is carbon?

  • Drinking hot chocolate!

Shelter Building

Crash and Carry

Your plane has crashed in the jungle! 

  • Gather supplies!

  • Learn to help an injured teammate!

  • Build a shelter!

  • Survive!

Key learning outcomes

  • How to summon help at home, at school and in the wild

  • How to keep yourself safe when someone is injured

  • How to look after someone while waiting for help

  • Work together to move a casualty

  • Make survival shelters using tarps, trees and whatever you can find!

Pendants and Pump Drills

Pendants and Pump Drills

the Bronze age - Pendants AND Pump Drills

Using ancient tools, students will learn how to drill their own personalised stone Survival Pendant and braid a cord for it that doubles as a useful tool in emergencies!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • A personalised stone Survival Pendant to keep

  • An understanding of pre-bronze age techniques for drilling and cord making

  • Perseverance and resilience

  • Teamwork and co-operation

Key stage 2

Fire by Friction

Traditional Fire Lighting

The classic and most important survival skill of all. Students will work in small teams to try and make smoke the old fashioned way using a friction-drill, a traditional flint-and-steel set, the sun, and even our giant 15 person strap-drill! 

This is a more advanced session than learning to use a modern fire-steel on Bug Buns and Blazes! Teams that succeed in making a glowing ember earn their coveted "Ember-Medal". Where there's smoke there's fire!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Experiencing and understanding several traditional ways of making fire in the wild

  • Perseverance and resilience!

  • Co-operation

  • The principles of survival

Year 4 and up



Creating tasty food in the wilderness is an important skill!

Designed as a progression for children who have done Bug Buns and Blazes! on a previous camp, on this session the children will each make their own traditional bannock bread bun cooked over an open fire.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Basic baking skills

  • A tasty bannock bread to eat!

  • A recipe card to take home and use again and again

Survival bracelet paracord

Survival Bracelets

Learn to weave a versatile and attractive survival bracelet to take home!

key learning outcomes

  • Perseverance and resilience

  • Helping each other

  • How to improvise with paracord in the wild

  • A souvenir of your camping experience

Please note that this session costs an extra £1.50 per person to cover material costs

Land Art

Land Art

Land Art

Using clay and found materials, students make amazing art as individuals and as a team.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • What plants and animals live around your school?

  • How much of a litter problem is there in the area?

  • Work together to produce your art

  • A handcrafted clay medallion to decorate and keep

  • Have fun!

Key Stage 1


Camp Food

Eat like explorers and astronauts! Students choose and prepare their own main evening meal and dessert using hot water from our wood-burning volcano stoves.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How dehydrated food works

  • Trying new things!

  • Self sufficiency

Key stage 2

Please note this session costs an extra £6 per person to cover costs


Den Building

Build colourful survival shelters ready to survive the horrors of a British summer! This is a simpler session than Crash And Carry, more suited to younger year groups.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Teamwork

  • How to keep warm and keep the rain off!

  • Fun!

Key Stage 1

Natural Navigation

Learn the principles of navigation and run around a lot!

key Learning Outcomes

  • What is north?

  • How to find north using the sun, the stars, plants, and other methods

  • What is a compass?

    • Work together to build a functional magnetic compass

  • What is a map?

    • Learn the basics of map reading

Key stage 2 - this is a more academic activity than many of our sessions and is not suited to all groups


Still not sure what to pick?

No problem! Our Classic Camp programme is made up of our three core bushcraft activities:

Bug Buns and Blazes!

Water Purification

Crash and Carry

And then schools choose from our other exciting options for their fourth activity. Popular choices include:

the Bronze age - Pendants AND Pump Drills

Life Skills and Team Building

Traditional Fire Lighting

Survival Bracelets

Land Art - KS1