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The OUtdoors people school Camps

Eat bugs, start fires, put up your own tents, make hot chocolate from mud, sing at the campfire, eat marshmallows, outrun the kin-ball... Survive and more!

We provide a full 24-hour camping experience for primary schools. Every part of the day is filled with a wide range of engaging and exciting activities.

We tie all our educational activities into the Key Skills syllabus and use a structured learning and reviewing approach.

The outdoors people adventure education training Courses

The Outdoors People deliver inclusivity training courses adapted for the unusual demands that adventure education presents. Our courses are designed for professionals and volunteers working in all sectors. Training days that are are available to all are laid on through the winter months or we can create a version specifically adapted to the needs of your organisation


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Resources For Providers

Resources For Providers

resources for providers

As part of our commitment to outstanding adventure education outcomes for all, The Outdoors People are producing a range of free resources and informative blog posts designed to be used by providers of adventure experiences.